Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Time to sell

I don't know but it sure is time now. Hence I 'll spend the next days putting my stuff on the net. I have a few canditates allready for some stuff, but all needs to go.
In about 2 months, I'll have a plane to take. The day is comming closer and I can feel it every day growing. 

Btw I am not going towards Malta. Where I'm going is not yet completly decided but I'm growing closer towards a decision. I have two great options. I hope I can decide soon. I'll save the occasion of posting my destination till after my decision, in my next post.
For the curious ones: Yes, there will be white sandy beaches, and palm trees and above all a blue magnificant underwater paradise aswell.

Rest me some work to do now, away with the materials that don't mean much to me and have some one else enjoy them, I won't be needing them anymore.
For a while I guess. Where I am going, there is no room nor time for this kind of comfort. And there doens't need to be, does there? 

No no, where I 'm going, there will be plenty of different things attracting my mind, so much new things to explore, so much that I it's totaly impossible to even start missing the comfort zone stuff and that for quite some time. That's without a doubt. 

My resignation time will be over in less than six weeks, you know how fast this is going? Well I'm realizing it more and more. I'll be having a good after work drink with the collegues for sure.
And also I'll have to start setting up my last beers in Belgium party aswell. For both family and good friends.Well it's not goodbye, it's supposed to be a see you later... :-)

I shouldn't think of this too much, and I'm also glad that I am taking this step, so it won't be that difficult, ... is what comes to my mind at times. For now, right? 

Anyways, so much for heads up. 

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