Wednesday, February 18, 2015

According to plan

The way is long and I feel at times impatient, but everything is going according to plan! The stuff I'm selling is slowly but surely getting sold. I informed myself with the Mexican Embassy and the Italian Consulate and know what to do when I leave. Everything is set.
My ticket is bought for 3rd of April 2015. The dive center I am going to is also set, and I might already have an interesting side-job we talked about. 

Tips for booking a cheap (intercontinental) flight: (also part of the plan)

Start by googling 'cheap flights' and google will give you some options, in the form of gathering sites who look up the best deal for you. After you have tried some you will see that prices differ from one gathering site to the other.
These gathering sites probably have good deals for intercontinental flights but longer flights seem to be a lot cheaper when you book them directly with the company itself. So now you know where you will take off and you have the plane details, you also know what companies will be flying you over.
Make your reservation with the company itself, call them to see if everything is settled. Make use of the extra services such as seat reservation, food packages, special extra luggage/sport articles (upto 30kg) are for example much cheaper than an extra suitcase (upto 20kg).

If  you are taking 2 flights, because you have to change over, it may be that you'll have to contact the other flight company as well to check in your possible extra bag and to see if they have room but once your flight partially booked with the main company (long flight) you will have the details needed to round up your reservation with the other company taking you to the main flight.
I saved about € 280 booking my flight. I did the simulation again on the cheapest gather site to check the difference and usually didn't have the special options I got booking directly with the main company. So yes it's totally worth the extra work and will save you a good amount of money.

Ow yeah, for those who don't know where I'm going yet: I'm going to Mexico. Swell different from Malta I know, but so much more adventurous right? Hehe yes yes, I'm very happy with my new decision. The dive center I am in contact with has given me a lot of trust and I can't wait to meet them. The region has a lot of at hand diving grounds with a maximum of beautiful paradise all around.

Last week, on Friday I received the diving gear order I made. I felt like a kid in a candy store for a bit. My first diving gear is a fact, until now I only had a diving computer but I am all set now and have my own gear. Oh yes, proud as hell. Can't wait to baptist it.

Ok well 1,5 month to go till the final countdown before the actual departure. Time that will be well spent and enjoyed. It will probably all get more difficult the 3 last weeks, when I will have finished my resignation period half March. At the moment, I am counting down for that day in particular. Once that day will be reached, the actual final countdown will emerge and will probably come along with more accentuated emotional changes.
Step by step, everything is coming along according to plan. But I know I am about to start dreading the day of departure. At some point of the countdown, that day will be hard to imagine emotionally.  

I am also planning on starting a new blog, with a new title, once I move to Mexico and at the same time when the real adventure starts. I think this blog will have served it's purpose.

First of all I hope it will have given people a good read and that it may give others a boost when they are looking in doing the same thing more or less as I am doing. Change your world, change your life, boost your overall hapiness.

Secondly it served me as an agenda in some way, every time a chapter needed to be closed in my head, I would do it here to let it go.  Or vice-versa. 

Thirdly I learned a lot blogging, I am very fond of writing and will take on my new blog differently. There will be a lot more pictures involved for sure. 

Above all benefits I got, one of the other benefit is still actually reading others blogs, they really help me with a lot of stuff I might be wondering about in my course or line of life.

Evolving is the way of doing things in life, living up to improving yourself, all the time. Well that's what keeps me happy really. It does work.

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