Tuesday, September 23, 2014

If you never try....

After one month of floating between all kinds of thoughts, ups and downs concerning my plans, gathering as much info as possible concerning the project of a lifetime, I am now ready to get back under water for a bit. 

I realize that making this giant step often comes together with overthinking everything you have set your mind to. Which is a good thing.
As time comes along, I get in touch with more and more people to make me the best impression possible about what I'm going to encounter.

I try to gather and dig for as much information as possible. Sometimes you come across info that makes you think twice again, and sometimes you have friends asking you things as Why are you leaving, your comfortzone? and Are you sure this will go well? and Are you prepared to enjoy your life with less than you are used to? ....which all ofcourse make you think, ofcourse.. but the answer to these questions still is this general state of mind: 
Both Yes and No, but if I don't try it, I won't even know the answer(s). How silly would that be? 

So yes, I am going through with this, but first I need to get back into the water and enjoy Malta again and do some good diving for 2 weeks. I can't wait really. Four more days and I will be there again, flapping my flippers. 

I haven't decided yet where I will go to do my IDC and internship but it looks like it's going to be Thailand or around, or around the Middle Americas. I'm sure I'll start to focus more on this once I'll have had my last vacation at this job.

But for now, I'll be enjoying the diving and the people on that awesome small rock together with the stories I will hear from my instructors.

The double feelings I have about making this step are only present for a little bit. They will never hold me back, but they make me search for more answers for sure. Not that I need all the answers, that's also impossbile, but one looks for anwers as much as he can right? 

So Malta, here I come again, to enlarge my envie to dive. I'll be leaving on saturday for a 2 week vacation and hopefully do 20-ish dives, getting my confidence under water up even more and log the dives. 

After that I'll be home and start working towards my dream, deciding where I will do my courses and IDC, the day of departure will be somewhere around march or april of next year.

It's time, I can feel it in my bones. I will embrace this different life, hopefully it will all last.