Friday, August 15, 2014

Enough dreaming, continue planning

Ever felt like time is not moving fast enough? Hehe usually it's the other way around but at this time, it can't go fast enough. But I still need to work more and save up. If not I guess I would have been gone already.

Good thing that I planned another 2 week vacation to Malta for the end of September. Can't wait to get back in the water.  

I might be buying some starting gear like a diving computer, mask, flippers and a BCD. I'll just need the wetsuit after that and some other basic accessories. I will be getting comfy with my new equipment doing mostly recreational dives this time and maybe do a few courses like 'Nitrox' or 'Emergency First Responder'. Can't wait really. Diving is the best feeling ever. 

Although it would be easier to just wait and buy my gear when I make my real move in 2015... I really want to start owning my own gear. And travel with it, just to get the hang of the feeling already.  

I'm going back to the same dive center as last time and I'll also be asking a lot of questions considering my plans. And questions I have. I'm sure my superiors will be able to fill them in as they went more or less the same way that I am going to follow. This is not just a trip, it's part of the preparation towards a different life in a different world. I can't get enough info to start this off at it's best.

Anyways, after my day job, I am now also working 3 evenings/week at the restaurant to gain more money. 
And tomorrow I have another job interview, hopefully it will be what I am looking for and I will get my budget arranged more quickly. Fingers crossed. 

I won't be selling my car just yet, as I need it to go to the places I work at. So I'll sell my car a bit before I leave. Can't do it the other way around, sadly. It will be worth less in 6 months or more, but nothing to be done about that.

Added to the planning line, is getting my boat license since it's known to be a good bonus for the work I'll be choosing. Yachtsman is the degree needed to be able to handle a boat along the coastlines/islands and inland waterways.
I will need 6 or 10 hours of practical sailing, depending on where I do it and with whom, and the theoretical courses can be done in 8 Saturdays, or in a quick-course of 2 days. I think I better go for the 8 Saturdays, it seems more right to me.
Really I don't think handling a boat is that difficult, but I really want to make sure I get all the important know-hows fed to me in a secure slow way, so that I have the time to review it and (hopefully) learn to sail accordingly.
I mean, the boats I'll be sailing are not just rubber boats with a set of wooden peddles, no, tourist boats can get up to 7 meters and bigger. I think some quality preparation is most definitely required here!

I'll need to go to the Italian Consulate some of these days as well to inform me about necessary documents I might need to start my journey. Also will I stay subscribed in Belgium for social security reasons? For if something goes wrong and I need to come back all of a sudden.
Not that I intend to come back but you never know right. Of course I hope to come back .... on vacation yes, and just 'only visiting'.