Monday, July 28, 2014

Live your dream

Pretty far out right? 

With this quote under my skin, after quite some internet research in different fields and good family and friends conversations, I now am certain about what I'm about to do. 
I really am doing this now, it's just a matter of time... and savings. :-) 

But it's coming closer than ever before, that's for sure!

So the plan is to gather money from different angles now. I'm about to sell practical stuff like furniture and housing equipment, ... as in everything I own. Except for the personal stuff, this will all get stored somewhere.
Also practical is my car, but it will also have to go, it's no good lying around here for ... who knows how much time right? For ever? :-) So there it goes, it's all FOR SALE.

I now have set myself a deadline of 6 months, and hope to leave this town and life behind in February, at the latest march 2015.
Once I am an instructor, more or less after 6 months, I will gain experience but at the same time work in a resort/dive club, teaching others to dive. 
Who knows what comes along, one can't plan this, this is truly another life and I'll roll in it as it comes. I'll be wearing a life vest (BCD), don't worry! ;)

Name 10 things why you would leave?

1 - Because I found a (new) passion: Diving and loving the ocean.

2 - Because I want to exercise that passion on a professional level, I have had a professional year of local tourism, I enjoy working with tourists, I speak many languages. I could do that elsewhere where there is a lot more tourism and I'd also be diving, participating in all action. I'd also be teaching my passion to others which is in my opinion very satisfying.

3 - Because I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a cubicle (thanks Rika), not that I don't have other competences but it's so close to my home and it allows me to work after hours at a restaurant to make extra cash. It's easy and it still is 'crisis' around here. So you stay where you are right.
Now I must say after 2,5 years it seems that now this envy of working there is slowly coming to an end. Good that this diving-thing came up. ;)

4 -  Because I never in my life have tried something like this and I am really curious and excited about it. I have in some way always dreamt about moving to warmer oceanic places. My Italian roots must be in it for something...

Yes, you have to work there as well but at least you will have sun and even the beach when you are off. I truly am going to enjoy this to a maximum level. I can't wait to be able to dive every day, even if it's during work.

5 - Because I can't find what I'm looking for over here anymore. 

6 - Because it's now or never. I can't wait like 10 more years to make a great move, and why would I?

7 - Because this is the experience of a life-time. And I'm going to live it, and love it.

8 - Because I want to travel the world, and the oceans aswell.

9 - Because I don't want to explain number 9. It's personal.

10 - Because "The future belongs to those who believe in the reality of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

OK what else do I do for extra cash?
As I pointed out I do work in a restaurant as a bartender/waiter to make some extra money. I now will start working there more evenings to make more because more is more and more is better. At least at the moment it is.

More More More, more work ... for a better life - sounds crazy right? :-)
Well it's not and it's totally worth it.

Feels also great to be selling all my stuff for the first time in my life. If I had a yard, I would probably do a Yard Sale, but I don't have any. Nor a garage. Dammit. Well thanks to Bill Gates, there's the internet!

Well for once I finally set a real goal in my life, a goal I call my own this time. 

Get out of Town - Admiral Freebee

There are five rules of how to be a cruiser
Five rules of how to be a highway man

Number one
You travel alone

Number two
Never use the fast line
Never travel by high speed

Number three
Take some tapes along the way
Of your favorite music and your favorite bands

Number four
Take the road as it comes 'cause it comes so slow
Take the road as it comes 'cause it comes so slow

Get out of town!
Get out of town!
Get out of town!
Get out of town!

Yes I'm a music lover, and if you say music, it comes with lyrics, and there's music out there for all moods possible I'm sure. :-)
I do enjoy festivals, or concerts, Belgium has loads of them. I will miss them, amongst other things but once you set a goal like this, nothing can stop you anymore. The choice has been made and you will tolerate a lot just because it's part of the path. 

I'm leaving my comfort zone for a new world, for me to discover, at my own pace, doing what I want to be doing. Superb! Just what I need! 

Time to get really organized now. These 5 months will be over in a jiffy. :-)