Monday, July 28, 2014

Creating the dream - third part

After a great weekend with locals and visiting parts of the island, it's monday and time to dive again. Start of a new dive week. 

With the upcoming dives, I get picked up again at 8.25 AM to start my Advanced Open Water course.

The first two dives were for navigation and multilevelling. Interesting skill courses IMO. But the three last dives absolutely took my breath away. The first of them was a night dive, scary, yes but so much different again, it was amazing!! Thank you instructor! Thank you! 

After this great night dive, the day after, I start with my first 30m dive ... and that too was something else again. 27.7m is my first depth and I get to do some logical exercises to see if my brain keeps functioning normal at that depth. All seems fine, we ascend and as we are waiting for another team to surface I get to hear a (second) great life story from my instructor. 

Indeed my original instructor had a nice story about how he became a professional diver and now my new instructor comes up with an almost identical story but then still so much different. 

At the end of his story, for a moment, I wonder if I could be doing a thing like this and become a diving instructor myself. He tells me that if I like diving, I really should consider. Be happy with less but have so much more life filling thrills is the clue of the whole thing. He also tells me my knowledge of six different languages will surely come in handy and that they are a great bonus. I make him understand I envie his life and that I will be considering for sure. 

Then finaly we go for the second dive of the day, the wreck dive, at 30m, this wreck was at the same time frightening and overwhelming... no words can describe that for me really.
The first time you get to see a massive 55 meters long wreck on the bottom somewhere is really mind blowing. It sucks you up completely. Next time I will have less fear I'm sure. :-) It was awesome. 

So now, ... after these sessions I am an PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. Yeah!
Again for how much this is worth but I now know I'm well on my way. This diving thing simply rocks. 

As I go celebrating with some Maltese friends a thought crosses my mind and I'm thinking of moving to Malta, get a job and dive more, maybe become instructor at some point. Apparently there are a lot of call centers in Malta, all wanting foreign workers who speak more languages. I do speak six so it might be worth trying to get in. Heck yes, why not?! 

Anyways I had the best vacation ever in Malta and I know I will be diving more very soon. When I returned home, I started looking right away into possibilities to get more into diving asap.
I start surfing the web for job applications in Malta in the contact center world and I make some applications, they all return negative. Probably because my pay demand is way to high in the first place. I probably will have to live by their standards if I want to make any chance finding a job there. So I leave it be for now.
A few weeks later after surfing more web to gather info and looking for other possibilities I stumble upon a blog from Rika, with a very similar start of a dream as mine.

She came up with the title and copyrighted it: The Cubicle Throwdown - really matching my situation. I start to read intensively and go through most of her blog. I'm now very close to making my decision.

At this point the dream has almost taken its final form. I will start saving money and make my move as soon as I get a certain amount of money gathered. This money will cover my instructor courses and my stay during this formation. I'm now willing to become a Padi Diving Instructor and leave everything behind to live a very different life than the one I live right now.

It's now almost august, it took me about a month to get this aligned in my head, now let's see how long it's going to take me to make it real.

Thanks Rika, I needed your blog post to confirm my thoughts and ideas! Splendid! :-)
Now, my dream exists.