Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My last winter

Another great thing to be looking forward to is the lack of wintertime in my new world. I can't tell you how relieved I allready feel. Just the idea is something else to look forward to. A nice add to the package I would say.
If all goes well, apart from this winter I probably won't be seeing any more snow for quite a while. Will I miss it?

According to me our winters here in Belgium never really have been that strong. It's not like we had snow lying around for more than 4-5 months in a row for example.
Most of the time here it will just get cold, or not cold enough and when snow comes down, it usually only leaves an ugly brown gew along the streets because the temperature is too high meaning it will melt pretty fast and turn into this ugly sticky brown gew.
It does seem to clean the streets though seen the color when it melts down, wich is a good thing I guess.

But when the snow does mannage to lie around long enough on the occassional harder winter, I must say I enjoy it. Especially when you can take a few good walks in the fields with everything covered in snow, like a big white blancket. A very beautiful landscape indeed!

Ofcourse I made snowmans and snowballs when I was younger and enjoyed it, when you are a kid you don't feel the cold as you do when you are older, your body forgets the cold because you are young and it's easier for it to choose for fun instead of cold.

But will I miss it? Will I miss the cold, the snow,
the dark ...partially because of the winter hour... as I do miss the sun when it's not there? 

There the answer most likely is: No ...and yes, ...a little bit ...probably. 
And the re-anwser would be: Well hopefully I will get used to working in these very hot environements where I am going to, otherwise I might miss winters more quickly hehe.

No, I have no doubt, I like summer more than winter, for sure!

For long I have been unconsciously striving to live somewhere where there is no winter but only sun, or at least no snow or cold as 0° Celsius or less. And now, starting in April 2015, the hot adventure begins. Hell yeah, I'm sure I'll be getting my beloved sun.

From that point on, I'll wear slippers every day, I'll walk around in shorts & t-shirts most of the time, I'll dive almost every day and that ...all year round.
I call it a blessing. 

And who knows I'll be whishing for winter some day again. Quite possible really. 

Will I enjoy this winter more than others because it will be my last one? I don't know yet, I'll keep you informed on that one, winter still has to take shape. I guess autumn is a good warmup, let me try to enjoy this first. 

In the mean time, keep it warm! :-)